Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hot Sauce/Hot Rice/Spanish Rice

Walk into any Barberton Chicken restaurant and you'll see Hot Sauce on the menu. Its not traditional hot sauce as in a condiment. Its a side dish that goes great with fried foods or Mexican dishes. Many of you will recognize it as Spanish Rice or Hot Rice.

We can our salsa just for this dish. It is very simple and is wonderful served with fried chicken or fish!

Hot Sauce
1 Pint Salsa
2 Cups prepared rice (we use Minute Rice)

Combine salsa and rice in a 1 qt. sauce pan. Heat through.

Simple yet delicious. This is also a great way to use leftover rice. Simply mix in the desired amount of salsa and you've got a great snack. I enjoy it cold with tortilla chips as well! YUM!!


Margaret said...

I bought some cook books that have quick and easy (and yum my stuff). I need to send you some of the recipes for here. Chicken Parmasean. OMG it is goooood

Rhonda Jean said...

That's a good recipe for rice. Thank you, I'll definately be trying it.