Monday, October 8, 2007

Where To Eat In Hot Springs, Arkansas.

If you happen to be headed to Arkansas anytime in the future or if you live in Arkansas, you might want to visit this site that gives an objective look at Hot Springs, Arkansas Best Restaurants. There are several reasonably-priced restaurants listed and each one is rated by locals. None of the reviews/ratings are sponsored or paid for and you can click on the restaurant's name to find out where it is located and to read a more in-depth description!

While you're surfing the site, click on the link in the sidebar of the site for a list of FREE things to do in Hot Springs! You will find suggestions for museums, hiking and even where to fill your water jugs up for FREE!!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting concept. Looks as if somebody SEO and PPC techniques. I've seen the same post on five other blogs today.

Anonymous said...

This restaurant site is a great concept. I wish there were more sites like this for other cities!