Sunday, March 16, 2008

Care For A Spot Of Tea?

One of my favorite daily treats is a hot, relaxing cup of tea. Just the smell of a rich, Premium Black Tea instantly de-stresses me and helps me refocus. I even carry one or two of my favorite tea bags in my purse during the winter months so I will have my favorite type handy when the mood strikes.

I like to have a cup of tea in the morning rather than coffee. The caffeine in a 6 oz. cup is just enough to get me moving while another cup in the afternoon starts me off on the right foot after work and staves off the need for an afternoon snack and nap.

Other ways to incorporate tea into your day is to keep a small tray ready with tea cups and tea bags in case a friend drops by or to have friends over for an afternoon tea rather than for dinner. The snacks traditionally served with tea are much more cost-effective than an entire meal.

A Bit About Tea

Besides being touted as a stress-reliever, tea has also been studied over the years as a possible cancer-fighter (green tea) and coronary artery disease fighter (black tea). Ginger Tea is one of the best ways I know of to calm an upset stomach whether caused by motion sickness, virus, food or pregnancy.

Along with Green Tea, Organic Black Tea is becoming more popular around the world. The organic growing process is done without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and is being practiced by more and more farmers each year. The cost of organic can be more, but as more growers begin the change-over to organic farming, the costs are beginning to equalize as well.

To find out more about the many varieties of teas available, I suggest you visit Revolution Tea. They have a wonderful selection of flavors and have a wonderful selection of tea-related gifts for the tea-lover on your list.
Tea is just the thing to start off your day, re-energize after work or to catch up with friends. Make a cup of tea part of your day and you will surely begin to feel more centered and relaxed.


Mandy said...

I couldn't start my day without my huge cup of green tea. I also have one after work to relax. Black tea just hasn't tasted the same since I've been drinking green!

Kokopelli said...

Do you sweeten your tea? I only ask because I use maple syrup to sweeten both my homemade lemonade and scratch margaritas.