Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Link-a-dink-a-doo 7/29/08

Here are your Tuesday links:

The latest edition of the Make It From Scratch Carnival is up over at Novel Experiences! Check it out! If you want to join in for next week's carnival at I've Got a Little Space to Fill, use the carnival submission page.

I'm not one to yuck someone else's yum, but this article got my attention. What is the food you hate the most? Check out AOL's Most Hated Foods Poll Results to see what Americans hate most. I will eat most of the things on the list and some I have never tried. My favorite comment has to be the one where a lady calls mayo "salmonella pudding".

I stayed up late last night (Almost till 11! Aren't I daring!) entering a bunch of the awesome giveaways at the Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival. There is some cool stuff to be won and more will be added all week.

Have you commented on my giveaway posts for the Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival yet? You have until Friday, August 1 at Noon EST. Leave your email address in your comment on the individual giveaway post!
$25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway
Cocoa Puffs Giveaway
Cookbooks Giveaway

Have a great Tuesday!

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