Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekly Tip: Pickle Chip Tip

We are huge pickle lovers in this house. We especially love dill pickle chips on our hamburgers, but they aren't exactly easy for kids to get out of a jar. My boys would stab and stab in that jar with a fork just to have the pickles slide off as they tried to lift them out.
My solutuion? Use a slotted serving spoon! It drains the juice as you lift them out and you get more pickle chips than with a fork!
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CZ said...

Great tip! I love pickles, too!

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

We are pickle lovers too. We use a small set of tongs to grab our pickles.

Now I'm craving pickles!!!

Jacquelyn: Because I Said So! said...

Oh, I love dill pickles too! When I saw the title of your post, I thought, "What? A tip about pickle chips, as in dill pickle potato chips. As I read on, I saw your family loves dill pickle chips on hamburgers—so does my son. Then when I read that your dill pickle chips come in a jar, I thought "Wow, this girl is totally committed to potato chip freshness!!"


Another little difference between American and Canadian, I guess—these would be sliced dill pickles to us. But, no matter, here are some dill pickle tips from my kitchen to yours:

1) My son puts dill or salt and vinegar potato chips in his hamburgers and sandwiches if he can lay his hands on any.

2) I save the crushed dill pickle chips at the bottom of the bag and throww them in breading for chicken strips, schnitzel and fish.

3) I discovered dill pickle relish at the grocery store this summer and have gone through four jars of the stuff—so much easier for burgs and sandwiches than wrestling with the fork/spoon/tongs (tongs that my kids always take away from the kitchen to play Lego with).

4) Jelly Belly has a jalapeno-flavoured bean, and purportedly has a new dill pickle jelly bean in the Harry Potter–inspired Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean line. I can't imagine it'll ever get to Canada. I'll pay if a dill fan will send me some!

Rebeckah said...

Great idea : ). Thank you for sharing!