Monday, December 17, 2007


A favorite dish of mine is Stroganoff. I got this recipe out of a Betty Crocker Cookbook long ago, but I've modified it for what I usually have on hand.

3 T Butter or Margarine

3 Lbs. Meat (stew meat, roast, flank steak, venison or whatever you like), Cubed

1 small Onion, chopped

8 0z. Canned Mushrooms, drained

15 oz. Beef Broth (I make mine with soup base and water)

1/4 tsp Garlic Powder

1/4 C Ketchup

4 oz Warm Water or Beef Broth

2 T Flour

8 oz. Sour Cream

5-6 qts. Water

2 T oil

16 oz. package Wide Egg Noodles

Melt butter in skillet over medium to medium high heat. Add cubed meat and brown on all sides. Add onion, mushrooms beef broth, garlic powder and ketchup; cover and let simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Whisk flour and water (or broth) and pour into meat mixture, stirring as you add. Continue to stir while the mixture thickens. Cover and turn heat to low stirring occasionally. Bring water and oil to a boil and cook egg noodles for 10 minutes; drain. Add sour cream to meat mixture, mix well and heat through. Serve meat mixture on top of noodles.

TIPS: You can replace the noodles with rice if you prefer.

SIDES: Serve with mashed potatoes and corn or peas. I add bread and butter to complete the meal.

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful recipe!
Worked out great!!